Using diverse data to inform better
care decisions, today and tomorrow

Interpreta’s analytics engine continuously updates, interprets, and synchronizes clinical and genomics data, creating a personalized roadmap and enabling the orchestration of timely care. These real-time insights provide physicians, care managers, and payers with the patient-specific guidance needed for quality improvement, clinical prioritization, population management, and precision medicine.

Who We Serve

Medical Providers

Provider Organizations

Physicians and care managers use Interpreta to identify the most important tasks and treatments in real time for superior clinical outcomes.

Health Plans

Health Plans

Private and public payers rely on Interpreta to continuously update single member clinical and genomic interpretation to empower population health management and precision medicine.



Partners use Interpreta as the industry’s leading real-time analytics engine to complement their market offerings and services.

Continuous Member Prioritization

Member prioritization plays a critical role in intelligently orchestrating care. Interpreta’s member prioritization is a real-time capability. Based on new events, Interpreta automatically re-computes risk and clinical care priorities for every member. Continuous member prioritization enables providers and health organizations to intervene early for high risk conditions, address acute needs, coordinate care efficiently, and improve performance. Automated clinical intelligence reflects Interpreta’s core advantages in clinical quality management and precision medicine logic, including risk adjustment, disease inference, and pharmacogenomics.

Quality Management


Interpreta helps health plans significantly improve HEDIS® performance scores by enabling prospective, real-time analyses that allow for proactive planning within clinical workflows.

AMP (Align. Measure. Perform.)

Interpreta helps provider organizations significantly improve IHA’s AMP (formerly P4P) performance scores by enabling prospective, real-time analyses that allow for proactive planning within clinical workflows.

Precision Medicine

Risk Adjustment & Inference

Interpreta’s HCC risk adjustment module identifies missing diagnoses and condition severity at the individual and population level, using advanced inference logic.


Interpreta continuously applies the most current FDA drug-to-gene recommendations to identify ineffective or high-risk treatments, and suggests alternatives at the individual and population level.

Care Orchestration

Care Management Integration

Integration of Interpreta’s engine into care management platforms streamlines communication, improves workflow, and enables identification and closure of care gaps in real time.

Pharmacy Analytics

Interpreta facilitates superior medication management, therapeutic and cost optimization, and better medication adherence.