Care Orchestration

Interpreta provides integrations and solutions which help leverage our clinically intelligent algorithms. Below are two examples of Interpreta's specialty offerings.

Care Management Integration

When integrated with care management, Interpreta supports a unified, efficient experience for care managers. Several features, including real-time interpretation, a prospective calendar, and automated task updates help care managers avoid the end-of-the-year rush. Real-time analysis also helps reduce time wasted on obsolete tasks, adds value to engagement, and enables early intervention for acute conditions.

Access to quality management, risk adjustment, and clinical predictive analytics within the same workflow results in a unified experience and a complete view of care for each member.  Care managers using Interpreta's Continuous Member Prioritization module can quickly identify risk movers and high-impact interventions, for every member, every day. Clients can easily integrate Interpreta into applications using APIs or single sign-on portlets.

Pharmacy Analytics

Interpreta supports multiple medication management needs for individual care and for population health. Interpreta's capabilities are clinically based and focused on best practices. Some of these capabilities include timely identification of poor medication adherence, actionable drug-drug interactions, drug safety, and high-impact pharmacogenomic risks. Proprietary logic, such as therapeutic alternatives, can help clients drive better medication savings without changing existing formularies. These capabilities are updated daily and can be integrated with supported platforms to allow for a true closed-loop experience.