Interpreta CEO Presented at the UCSF-UCB Marc Shuman Anti-Medical School Lecture

Interpreta’s Chief Executive Officer, Ahmed Ghouri, M.D., presented the final keynote lecture of the year entitled “Applications of Real-time Artificial Intelligence in Patient Care.” Dr. Ghouri presented to the graduating class of the UCSF-UCB “Anti-Medical School” series. Students included M.D. and Ph.D. candidates at the intersection of biomedical engineering, software, and clinical medicine.

In medical school, faculty teach what is ‘known’. In anti-medical school, faculty teach what is ‘unknown’, and the opportunities for invention. The lecture series was created and made possible by a generous donation from the Grove Foundation. The Foundation was created by Intel co-founder Andy Grove in order to accelerate discoveries from the lab to the bedside. Dr. Marc Shuman, UCSF professor emeritus in Oncology, has been its course master since the program’s inception in 2012. The program is held on the campuses of UC Berkeley and UCSF Medical Schools.

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