Interpreta Exhibited at 16th Annual IHA Stakeholders Meeting and Demonstrated Real-Time Analysis of Clinical and Genomic Data for Value Based Healthcare

Interpreta showcased prospective analysis to improve value-based pay for performance (VBP4P) programs at leading conference, drawing California health plans, physician organizations, and hospitals

(IHA Stakeholders Meeting) – Interpreta, Inc., an analytics company that intelligently synchronizes healthcare, exhibited at the 16th Annual Integrated Healthcare Association (IHA) Stakeholders Meeting in Los Angeles on September 19.

Interpreta – named a Cool Vendor 2017 by Gartner[1] and one of the “10 Most Promising Healthcare Analytics Solution Providers 2017” by Healthcare Tech Outlook – demonstrated continuous interpretation of clinical and genomic data to significantly improve value-based, pay for performance (P4P) for California health plans, physician organizations, and hospitals at the conference. The company also highlighted the need for speed in healthcare analysis, a leading reason for Interpreta being selected as an NCQA beta vendor for HEDIS® 2018 and VBP4P MY2017 Measure Certification.

Interpreta’s real-time clinical and genomic interpreter collects and integrates clinical and genomic data and continuously interprets individual patient care needs, while providing a prospective view on population genomics. This parallel analysis of the individual member and population data enables precision medicine and results in better healthcare outcomes on the population level. For payers and providers alike, Interpreta provides a platform for population healthcare management, P4P, and value-based care within one shared system. Interpreta is unique from other technologies in that it:

o   Continuously interprets clinical and genomic data, and suggests immediate and prospective therapeutic alternatives with a real-time patient roadmap

o   Analyzes the entire population, as well as the single patient

o   Offers continuous analysis that improves performance measures for HEDIS, risk adjustment/HCC, P4P, STARS, Chronic Illness & Disability Payment System (CDPS), value-based healthcare, and coordination of care between patient, provider, and payer

o   Leverages FDA-vetted knowledge, updated daily

o   Involves all stakeholders in the care management system and hits all touchpoints within the healthcare workflow

o   Syndicates so that EHRs and other technology companies can leverage the real-time data

Interpreta integrators/customers include Salesforce, Centene, Casenet, higi, and others. The company was founded by Ahmed Ghouri, M.D., Gary Rayner, and Raghu Sugavanam, with combined experience in clinical analytics, information technology, and growth of profitable companies.

[1] “Cool Vendors in Health-Value Management for U.S. Healthcare Payers, 2017,” by Bryan Cole, Jeff Cribbs, Brad Holmes at Gartner, Inc., April 11, 2017

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