Interpreta Exhibited at RISE Nashville Summit and Demonstrated How Healthcare Organizations Use Analytics to Identify High-risk Patients and Deliver Precision Care

Healthcare analytics company continuously interprets clinical and genomic data to better prioritize and synchronize patient care at the individual and population level

Interpreta, Inc., an analytics company that intelligently synchronizes healthcare, exhibited at RISE Nashville, March 6 – 8 at the Omni Nashville Hotel.

Company executives demonstrated how doctors and healthcare organizations are using Interpreta’s real-time analytics to identify high-risk patients and offer precision care at the individual and population level. Interpreta delivers real-time, actionable insights to physicians, patients, health plans, and care managers. This provides the prospective information needed for quality care, patient prioritization, population management, and individualized precision medicine using clinical and genomic data.

Interpreta’s closed-loop clinical evaluation automatically opens and closes problems, goals, and tasks in real-time. Prospective analytics enable timely clinical engagement and outreach, while dynamic patient prioritization identifies changing risk factors such as unmet care needs, disease burden, medication risk including genomics, and hospitalization risk. Patient roadmaps are continuously re-calibrated for future care needs, precise due dates, and goals based on NCQA-certified clinical standards of care.

“Interpreta’s real-time, prospective analytics engine is an industry first. It enables key stakeholders to interpret individual and population-wide information in a single closed-loop system to manage risk and improve clinical effectiveness,” said Interpreta CEO and Co-founder Ahmed Ghouri, M.D. “By continuously interpreting both clinical and genomic data, Interpreta enables doctors, care managers and others throughout a healthcare organization to effectively orchestrate healthcare for the highest quality patient care.”

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