Interpreta Exhibits at RISE Summit West, Demonstrates How Clinical Data, Re-Computed Daily, Improves Quality and Healthcare Outcomes

(RISE West) – Interpreta, Inc., an analytics service company that delivers population and single member analytics for population health and precision medicine, exhibited at the RISE West Summit in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Interpreta demonstrated to health plans and provider groups how daily re-computation of member and population data, combined with genomic data, delivers analytics that enable predictive modeling within clinical workflow, to facilitate accountable care. Interpreta uses clinical data to prospectively identify gaps in care for HEDIS quality measures, and physician Pay-for-Performance (P4P), as well as for assisting with Medicare risk adjustment. Re-analyzed data every 24 hours continually updates health plans and providers to help them prioritize and manage care for better coordinated care among members, payers, and providers.

Interpreta also enables medication reconciliation by compiling a granular and up-to-date list of the medications a member is taking — including drug name, dosage, frequency, and route — and comparing that list against admission, transfer, and / or discharge lists algorithmically to ensure accuracy.

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