Interpreta Hires Siri® Co-founder Dr. Norman Winarsky as Vice President of Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Analytics

Real-time healthcare analytics leader adds renowned pioneer to team as it develops medical AI for voice, image, and natural language interpretation

Interpreta, Inc., an analytics company that intelligently synchronizes healthcare to improve quality, announced today that it has added Dr. Norman Winarsky, co-founder and board member of Siri®, as Vice President of Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Analytics. Dr. Winarsky will lead Interpreta’s medical AI strategy, overseeing development of voice, image, and natural language interpretation capabilities for the company.  

Dr. Winarsky is the past President of SRI Ventures, responsible for creating SRI’s highest value opportunities, including Siri, which is deployed on all Apple® products with an estimated one billion users. Over 70 ventures have been launched from SRI, having a market value of over $50 billion.

“Dr. Winarsky is a global pioneer in AI and natural language understanding. His vast body of work in disruptive technologies makes him a great addition to our executive team as Interpreta develops AI and natural language capabilities,” said Interpreta Founder and CEO Ahmed Ghouri, M.D. “We’re truly honored to have him join our team.”

Dr. Winarsky is also a lecturer at Stanford Graduate School of Business, where he formerly was a Visiting Scholar. He is co-author of “If You Really Want to Change the World: A Guide to Creating, Building, and Sustaining Breakthrough Ventures,” published by Harvard Business Review. He was Chairman of the University of Chicago Visiting Committee for the Physical Sciences, a member of the National Academy Committee on Forecasting Future Disruptive Technologies, and a National Science Foundation Fellow. He received a Ph.D. in mathematics from the University of Chicago, and was also an invited member of the mathematics department of the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton. In 2000, Dr. Winarsky and his team received an Emmy Award for outstanding achievement in technological advancement, relating to work in HDTV. He was also recognized with RCA’s highest honor, the Sarnoff Award.

Interpreta has developed an impressive predictive analytics engine that streamlines and interprets clinical and genomic data at the real-time speed of clinical workflow. With the addition of AI and natural language technologies, Interpreta users will have access to dynamic real-time data, and will be better able to navigate clinical care as it unfolds at the bedside,” said Dr. Winarsky.

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