Interpreta Launches Fifth-Generation Healthcare Analytics Service that Delivers on the Promise of Precision Medicine Today

Interpreta, Inc. recently emerged from a stealth research and development mode to launch an analytics service that delivers both population and single-member analytics and precision medicine capabilities in real time. Health plans, accountable care organizations (ACOs), and national health systems can now access Interpreta via the cloud to prevent gaps in care, tailor therapy for an individual using both molecular and clinical data, and lower costs through better outcomes.

Daily re-computation and interpretation of a single patient’s clinical and genomic data (including concurrent pharmacogenomic treatments evaluated using actual DNA sequences) delivers actionable insights for superior Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set (HEDIS), Pay-for-Performance (P4P), and HCC Risk Adjustment scores, and greatly enhanced drug safety and quality of care performance.

Interpreta is a subscription-based cloud computing service that eliminates non-complimentary system sprawl and provides near-zero latency. Servers are housed in highly secure data centers using the latest cyber security technologies. Continuous genomic interpretations are performed using actual DNA sequences, not simply reported biomarkers from third party labs.

Interpreta also differentiates from previous third- and fourth-generation healthcare analytics companies in its ability to update a patient’s annual care plan and compliance record on a daily basis, operating on population sizes at national health system scale, to deliver the prospective analysis providers, ACOs, and health plans need to improve outcomes.

“We are delivering on the promise of precision medicine today with our daily clinical analytics and pharmacogenomic capabilities,” says Interpreta Chief Executive Officer Ahmed Ghouri M.D. “Considering all sources of patient data, across all medical providers, and re-computing it daily answers the question, ‘what is going on with the patient today?’ and can drive unparalleled advancements in clinical care while realizing great economic benefit through quality improvement.”

Although other analytics companies state they help close gaps in care, most provide a time-delayed rear-view look at what has already occurred, rather than a forward-looking perspective where intervention opportunities can be proactively planned within clinical workflow.

“Daily is the difference – for both medical treatment outcomes and cost management,” says Interpreta Co-founder, President and Board Chairman Gary Rayner. “Interpreta’s daily analysis of a patient’s clinical and full-sequence genomic data identifies crucial healthcare interventions to be performed, and identifies the best care plan possible before compliance windows expire. This circumvents delays in treatment and also provides the most accurate and complete risk coding and quality measure adherence for optimum reimbursement.”

Interpreta was founded by Ahmed Ghouri, M.D., Gary Rayner, and Raghu Sugavanam, three seasoned and successful technology entrepreneurs. Their combined experience in clinical analytics, information technology, novel drug development, and growth of profitable companies is generating substantial momentum among leading organizations in key healthcare verticals. Interpreta will be announcing major customers in the near future.

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