Interpreta Recognized in ClinicalOMICs '10 US Startups to Watch', CEO Quoted on Future of AI & Precision Medicine

SAN DIEGO – June 18, 2018 – Interpreta, Inc. was recently named to ClinicalOMICs ‘10 US Startups to Watch’ and is prominently featured in its current issue. Interpreta is a technology platform that allows healthcare to intelligently synchronize information in real-time.

ClinicalOMICs ‘10 US Startups to Watch’ highlights the hottest, most advanced companies in the “omics” space that are delivering molecular and precision medicine today. Interpreta is a real-time clinical and genomic interpreter that uses AI algorithms to help identify real-time and future opportunities to improve care for millions of patients. Today, Interpreta is used by thousands of healthcare staff including physicians, care managers, and insurers to monitor and orchestrate care to enable quality care, population genomics, and precision medicine.
Interpreta CEO and Founder Dr. Ahmed Ghouri also commented on the future of artificial intelligence (AI) in precision medicine in “AI Influencing Precision Medicine but May Not Match the Hype” in the same issue. Dr. Ghouri explains that while payers and providers are increasingly hearing more about the use of AI in precision medicine, not all AI is alike.

Read more in the full May/June issue of ClinicalOMICs.

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