Interpreta, Inc., an analytics company that delivers population and single member analytics for precision medicine, and Casenet, LLC, a leading provider of population health and care management solutions, have partnered to be the first to bring real-time analytics to care management teams. The integration of Interpreta real-time clinical and genomics analytics into the Casenet TruCare™ care management platform will support improved individual health and advanced population health management.

The communication between members, payers and caregivers, as well as workflows and time to intervention, will be improved as a result of the integration of Interpreta’s analytics data into TruCare™’s platform. The combined solution will include daily updates that help care teams more quickly identify and manage member care needs while also ensuring care is appropriate. In addition, clinical genomics data will be integrated with TruCare™ to advance the use of precision medicine to treat disease and will enable superior medication reconciliation.

“In combination with the TruCare™ care management platform, Interpreta’s genomic analysis will put precision medicine into action,” said Dr. Ahmed Ghouri, CEO and Co-founder of Interpreta. “Care teams and providers will now have access to drug effectiveness and safety information which will improve clinical outcomes and will allow providers to reduce the trial and error in medication prescribing. Our genomics knowledge bases will help ensure the newest clinical knowledge is available.”

The alliance will also deliver a tightly integrated, real-time clinical analytics solution that will add prospective HEDIS and pay for performance (P4P) gaps in care identification, Medicare risk adjustment and medication therapy management to a care manager’s workflow. Data will be shared by the care team and continuously computed bi-directionally within clinical workflows.

“Casenet is pleased to be working with Interpreta to deliver real-time analytics and genomics information to our clients,” said Peter Masanotti, CEO of Casenet. “TruCare™ clients will now benefit from daily information about each member and groups of members to help them proactively reduce gaps in care and improve overall population health management.”

“Gaps in care, medication management and genomic monitoring for personalization of therapy need to be coordinated and continuously analyzed to maximize member health benefits,” Dr. Ghouri said.