Real-time clinical and genomic data interpreter will be one of two vendors to help NCQA test updates to the measures for HEDIS® and Value-based Pay-for-Performance VBP4P certification this year

Interpreta, Inc., an analytics company that intelligently synchronizes healthcare and enables population genomics, has been selected by NCQA to be a beta vendor for the HEDIS® 2018 and VBP4P MY2017 Measure Certification season.

Each year NCQA selects two vendors for its beta testing program. These vendors are selected as a result of their performance in the prior two years of certification testing. Interpreta was one of the first in the industry to achieve HEDIS 2017 NCQA certification.

“One of the reasons we test so well is our speed. Interpreta processes member data arguably faster than any other company in the industry.  We can process data for several million members per hour,” said Raghu Sugavanam, Co-founder and President at Interpreta. “This enables us to find errors quickly and easily triage.”

Interpreta delivers real-time patient prioritization and actionable insights prospectively to enable quality care, clinical prioritization, population genomics and precision medicine. Reasoning is automated, and Interpreta has a built-in audit trail for any given member. This ensures the accuracy of the data processed as it continuously Interprets clinical and genomics data to create a personalized patient roadmap and orchestrate timely care.

NCQA’s Measure Certification is a precise, automated testing program that verifies compliance with HEDIS and VBP4P specifications and satisfies the source code review portion of the HEDIS Compliance Audit™ and VBP4P Compliance Review™ respectively.

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