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Welcome! Here you can access videos on the latest in healthcare analytics, precision medicine, and population genomics for healthcare.

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Interpreta Pharmacogenomics Overview – Demo

Discover how Interpreta continually analyzes genetic profiles and lab data to identify patients likely to negatively respond to a medication, based on guidelines from the FDA, CPIC, CDC, and ACMG, with real-time alerts.

Interpreta Product Overview – Demo (Password Protected – Contact us here to request the password)

Get a demo of Interpreta’s analytics platform. See how Interpreta integrates clinical and genomic data and continuously interprets individual patient care needs while providing a prospective view on population genomics. This parallel analysis of the individual member and population data enables precision medicine and results in better healthcare outcomes. Discover how Interpreta harmonizes knowledge across disparate domains using a single system with real-time clinical analysis, available via the cloud, to enable higher quality care.