Continuous Member Prioritization

Interpreta’s Continuous Member Prioritization module provides automated insights for providers and healthcare organizations for four essential questions about their population. These insights help manage care in a way that personalizes the needs of each member.

  • Which individuals need care?
  • What kind of care do the individuals need?
  • When and in what order should they be contacted?
  • Who among available resources is the best to deliver that care?

Interpreta’s analytics engine scans every individual member to determine, based on clinical acuity and severity, who is most-in-need, next most-in-need, and so on. The Continuous Member Prioritization module re-computes this information daily and generates a single score for each member consisting of four parts:

  • Disease burden
  • Preventive care needs
  • Medication risk
  • Hospitalization risk

Generated scores are grouped into tiers which prioritize individuals with a high disease burden and acute clinical needs.

Providers, provider groups, and payers can use these scores to orchestrate member care more efficiently.