Precision Medicine

Interpreta’s Genomics module is a value-based pharmacogenomics platform for population health information.

Interpreta solves the challenge of continuously changing genomic knowledge and the changing clinical conditions of your population.

Interpreta’s Genomics module provides a way for healthcare organizations to identify which populations and individuals have the greatest value in applying precision medicine. Using Interpreta’s analytics engine, pharmacogenomic rules run on your entire population every day, continuously adapting to its changing membership, clinical conditions, and prescriptions. Interpreta’s pharmacogenomic rules are based on accepted FDA guidance on drug utilization, dosing, and appropriate clinical screening. Interpreta turns pharmacogenomics into a positive ROI for your healthcare business and better member satisfaction.

Genomics Interpreta tile

Interpreta estimates aggregate risk and spending across a selected population based on the natural frequency of genetic variation.
Complete list of Pharmacogenomic measures for a member with a compliant or non-compliant status.

Detailed reasoning provides clinical justification for each Pharmacogenomic measure.
Additional reasoning displays the member’s eligibility or compliance.

Request a value-based Interpreta Genome Genius report for your patient population.
  • Learn about the impact of value-based PGx testing for your population
  • Identify the potential clinical impact of following FDA, including early identification of potential non-responders, opportunities to avoid adverse events, and more
  • Learn about the financial impact for PGx medications and ROI for testing
  • Learn about the value of continuous PGx surveillance with daily data feeds directly to the Interpreta Clinical Intelligence cloud

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