Health Plans

Health Plans

Improving Quality Scores for HEDIS®

Interpreta provides automated, real-time, and prospective clinical interpretation. Our solution offers a true command-and-control center for health plans to confidently oversee and orchestrate care. Interpreta continuously updates and synchronizes clinical data and knowledge for better allocation of resources. Interpreta’s personalized roadmap enables timely care, dynamic population management, and efficient care delivery.

Interpreta’s engine continuously re-computes clinical quality, as measured by HEDIS®. Interpreta can process more than a thousand clinical algorithms for a single patient in milliseconds and data for tens of millions of members within just a few hours. This real-time capability significantly improves quality scores and avoids the end-of-the-year rush. Interpreta unifies risk adjustment, FDA and other clinical guidelines for coordinated member engagement.


  • Prevention of gaps in care, rather than retrospective identification
  • Proactive, quantified care planning
  • Patient-specific data re-computed daily
  • Future-proofing for genomic data
  • Member prioritization based on clinically actionable risk
  • Simple integration of engine into real-time workflows
  • Daily re-computation with the speed and scalability needed for enterprise solutions


  • Dynamic calendaring of clinical opportunities
  • NCQA™-certified engine for HEDIS
  • Supplemental data toolkit for gap closure
  • Secure, cloud-based platform
  • Role-based access and functionality
  • Intuitive and modular user interface
HEDIS® is a registered trademark of the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA).